The Princess and the Pea

The Princess and the Pea

— In Her Romantic Accommodations —


This piece was my first official foray into the miniatures world, and my first time at the Chicago show. Started at the Chicago International Miniatures Show in 2010, in a class taught by the incomparable Rik Pierce. I had no idea what I was getting myself into at the time, but I will be forever grateful for the time I spent with Rik learning his techniques. The class was titled Rosamond’s Fair Bower, which I loved, but I needed to know the story of the person that lived inside. I decided in the class that my structure would be The Princess and the Pea. I was inspired by an old fairy tale book my brother and I had growing up that was illustrated with dolls rather than drawings. The illustrations were by Tadasu Izawa and Shigemi Hijikata in 1971, and the books, the Grosset Treasury of Fairy Tales, have become highly collectable. The piece has remained unfinished since 2010, moved from home to home with me, and I have never forgotten about it. I have been collecting furniture and accessories for it through the years, and now, after the passing of our beloved teacher, I am inspired to complete this piece and display it at a future Good Sam Showcase of Miniatures show. Rik was such a patient and giving mentor, I can think of no better way to honor his memory than to complete the piece that started it all.


To-do List:
Install 10 sconces, 1 chandelier, 1 dock light and 1 candlestick. Finish wiring the whole piece, adding junction box and fuse.
Paperclay the exterior of the structure, the stairs, dock and roof. Glue the structure permanently into the base.
Paint the exterior stones, moat, brick, trim and plaster. Fill the moat with resin, add fish, birds and creatures to the resin
Add birds, butterflies and other creatures to the exterior. Build and wire the fireplace with flicker unit, glue in place.
Reupholster the chaise in antique purse fabric. Paint and assemble the firescreen, vanity and chair.
Paint and decorate the "bare" nightstand, wardrobe, dining chairs. Construct many mattresses and dress the bed.
Assemble the many accessories and decorate the interior. Add landscaping, vines, shrubs, reeds and flowers to the exterior.
Assemble the fireplace, wire in a flicker unit, glue in place. Order an acrylic display box and base to house the structure.
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