Pacific Lighthouse

Pacific Lighthouse

— Reminiscent of Pigeon Point Lighthouse —


This is one of my oldest projects, I have had the Real Good Toys New England Lighthouse Kit for at least 25 years. Even though not modeled after reality, this kit has three floors where someone could make their home. My lighthouse is the cozy home of a retired ship’s captain who now is the lighthouse keeper. He has accumulated some great treasures from his travels, but now prefers the comfort of a leather chair by the fire with a glass of bourbon. The exterior of the lighthouse will mirror the look of the Pigeon Point Lighthouse, a place on the California coast that is very special to me. I will also be including the Keeper’s office/oil storage building similar to the one at Pigeon Point attached to the base of the lighthouse. I grew up visiting the lighthouse, which is a beautiful 30 minute drive up the coast from my current home. Once a place of exploration and fascination, it has become a place of solace and peace where I go to have my creativity restored. I will be including a Fresnel style lens much like the original 1st order Fresnel lens that resides in the lighthouse.


Dimensions: 19.5"W x 19.5"H x 43"D
Year Built: ~2000
Scale: 1:12
Electrified: Yes
Completed: 0% Complete
To-do List:
Build the lighthouse, design and build the office/oil storage building. Add an interior wall and door for a bathroom on the second floor.
Wire the interior for lighting, sconces and lamps. Add a fireplaces and wood burning stove to interior, with flicker units.
Wire and install lighthouse lamp inside one of the Fresnel lenses. Paint and decorate the interior, add accessories.
Install bring base, paint like the Pigeon Point lighthouse. Make/purchase brackets and bracing to mirror the actual lighthouse.
Create a base for the structure, landscape and paint. Order an acrylic museum box to house the structure.
Assemble and dress the ship's captain doll I have. Assemble spiral staircases for the interior.
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