Medieval Great Hall

Lord of Locksley Hall

— The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood —


Started at the Chicago International Miniatures Show in 2018, in a class taught by Sue & Eamonn O’Rourke. The class was for The Case of the Medieval Manor, and I just fell in love with the beams and structure. After struggling to determine the resident of this piece, I have come to discover that this is the Great Hall belonging to the Lord of Locksley after watching the 2010 movie version of Robin Hood. There is a huge fireplace, a large table laden food and documents, and a minstrel’s gallery with food preparation below. Much prep and woodwork go into this building, and I have SO MUCH left to do. My big splurge on this project was purchasing a sconce, two torches and a chandelier from Scott’s Lighting. I cant wait to finish bringing this piece to life!


Dimensions: 23.5"W x 18"H x 16"D
Year Built: 2018
Scale: 1:12
Electrified: Yes
Completed: 45% Complete
Class Teachers & Designers: Sue & Eamonn O'Rourke - UK Benches, Chair: Arjen Spinhoven Minat -The Netherlands
Brace of Pigeons: Mini From Italy - Italy Brace of Pheasants: LovelydesiCreations - UK
Lute, Unicorn Tapestry: In Some Small Way Minis Lighting: Scott's Lighting
Unicorn Tapestry: Michael Guidry Sideboard: JBM Miniatures
To-do List:
Finish building columns and beams, add small beams. Build small room/minstrel's gallery, add railings.
Wire the structure for chandelier, sconces, torches and single candles. Build the fireplace, wire a flicker unit, stucco the fireplace.
Build shelves and table in prep room. Stucco the interior, add mural
Finish the exterior with siding or paint. Glue the two halves together (top and bottom).
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