Habitat Botanical Garden

The Habitat

— Botanical Garden —


Purchased on a shopping trip through Home Goods in 2019 while looking for holiday decorations, this piece immediately drew me in. Originally supposed to be a candle lantern, I saw something completely different, a miniature botanical garden. Even the name on the piece seemed to fit, “Habitat”. I envisioned a two-story botanical garden housed within the glass walls. The scale is slightly short, the floors will only be the equivalent of 7 feet tall, but I know I can make this work. I foresee a lush garden inside, perhaps with a fountain, with a spiral staircase leading to a second story platform or catwalk that surrounds the middle of the structure. There will be a sparkling chandelier hanging from the center of the dome, with vines and greenery climbing up the interior walls. The floor will be stone or tile, covering the mirror that is there now. I have just begun purchasing and making plants for the interior, this project will be finished after several of my other projects are completed.


Dimensions: 10"W x 20"H x 10"D
Year Built: 2019
Scale: 1:12
Electrified: Yes
Completed: 5% Complete
Structure: Purchased at Home Goods Chandelier: Scott's Lighting
Hibiscus Tree: Unknown
To-do List:
Install a second story landing around the interior. Purchase and install spiral staircase and railing to landing
Install chandelier, purchase and install sconces and path lights. Purchase many trees, bushes, flowers, plants, vines, climbers, etc.
Add tiled or brick flooring at the base. Add a central small fountain or patio furniture.
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