Evil Queens Alchemy Chamber

Evil Queen's Alchemy Chamber

— The Making of the Poison Apple —


Started at the Chicago International Miniatures Show in 2016, in a class taught by Teresa Layman. The class was for The Mad Science Lab, a beautiful structure brought to life by the addition of lighting and glassware by Ray Storey, and a stunning stained glass dome by Barbara Sabia. I knew I wanted to take the class and create the structure, but I didn’t know what the theme of my room would be when I signed up. Then, on a family trip to Disneyland, I went on the Snow White’s Scary Adventures ride, and it came to me. While queuing through the line, you pass a small chamber you look down into that has the book with spells. I knew at that moment what my room would be. My structure depicts the Alchemy Chamber where the Evil Queen from Snow White makes the Poison Apple. This was a 48 hour class where the structure was put together, wired, paper-clayed and painted, then an additional 100 hours were put in at home completing the structure. I added a few more lights than the class project had, and lightning in the back window. The cauldron not only lights, but also has a speaker.  I recorded the parts of the movie that have the Queen making the Apple, with a sub track of bubbling liquid and thunder, and uploaded it into the cauldron. This structure was first displayed at the 2018 Good Sam Showcase of Miniatures in San Jose, CA.


Dimensions: 24"W x 22"H x 22"D
Year Built: 2016
Scale: 1:12
Electrified: Yes
Completed: 98% Complete
To-do List:
Purchase and install "better" lightning from A&R Miniatures. Purchase and install new 6 channel flicker unit for candles.
Rewire hanging lantern near rear right door. Hang chains and shackles in the dungeon.
Paint and glue "Heart of a Pig" into the heart box.
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