Enoteca Toscana

Enoteca Toscana

— An Italian Wine Bar —


Started at the Chicago International Miniatures Show in 2017, in a class taught by Jill Castoral and Pat Holstrom. The class was for an Olde World Toy Shoppe, but I didn’t identify with that theme. The piece isn’t very deep, it’s made to be displayed on the wall like a shadow box with a picture frame. My structure depicts a Tuscan wine bar, reminiscent of many I have visited in Italy. I can just picture wandering down a cobbled street in a sleepy Tuscan town, and ducking into a tiny little shop like this, tasting some of the best wines I’ve ever had. The structure is currently not completed, I have more lighting to add, and more accessories to add to the walls and shelves. This was first displayed at the Good Sam Showcase of Miniatures in 2018 in its semi-finished state.


To-do List:
Wire in sconces, ceiling lights and coach lamp. Redo the main window in stained glass.
Finish the entry, hang coach lamp and sign. Build shelves, paint and decorate interior with accessories.
Add frame, picture hanging hardware to hang finished piece.
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