Dad's Workshop

Dad's Workshop

— A Tribute to My Father —


Started at the Chicago International Miniatures Show in 2019, in a class taught by Erik Goddard. The class was for Studio Atelier, a Parisian loft art studio, but I didn’t have any connection to that. This piece, and the show, came at a very poignant time in my life. My dad had been very ill, his health was failing, and we knew his time was short. I spent as much time with him as I could the last month of his life, and we talked of many things; baseball, vacations, my mother who had passed 14 years previously… and miniatures. My dad had an affinity for miniatures, but never really took the plunge into creating miniatures. He was a tradesman and master carpenter, and loved to hear my tales of the shows I would attend, the people I would meet and the things I would create. He was unable to attend shows, as he was battling a myriad of health issues, including dementia, however, he wanted me to go to Chicago in 2019, and couldn’t wait to hear my tales when I would return. Sadly, he peacefully passed away while I was in Chicago on the day before this class began, so it is only fitting it houses my Dad’s Workshop, where he could happily be creating miniatures forever. His spirit was with me at the show and in that class, and I felt he found a way to attend, from above.


To-do List:
Rewire the structure, add florescent lamp, task light, other lighting. Build workbench and pegboard, add tools.
Add saws, accessories, tools & more to shelves. Finish the exterior, add a frame and glass front.
Build 1/144th scale dollhouse-in-progress
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