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Fresnel Lens Models

Fresnel Lens at Pigeon PointI have just recently acquired the 2nd and 3rd Order Fresnel Lenses from Harbour Lights. The 3rd Order was the first I received, and it is very much the shape of the original 1st Order lens that belongs to the Pigeon Point Lighthouse. Though the shape and scale are more correct for the 1:12 scale lighthouse kit, the actual lens does not have the circular cuts that the original has. I then received the 2nd Order lens, which more correctly mirrors the shape with circular cuts like the original, but the coloring is not correct. The “glass” is too green, and the metal is too dark, not brass colored. I still have not decided which one I will choose for my lighthouse, but now I do have options. The 1st Order is the wrong scale, the 2nd Order is the wrong colors, and the 3rd Order is the wrong shape. None are perfect, but either the 2nd or 3rd Order will be similar enough to work.

Post your comments if you have a thought of which might work best, based on the original 1st Order Fresnel Lens at the Pigeon Point Lighthouse.

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