Miniatures and the San Diego Comic Con – Special Edition 2021

San Diego Comic Con - Special Edition 2021

One of my favorite events to attend every year is Comic Con International in San Diego. The last couple of years it has been canceled (for obvious reasons related to the pandemic), but this fall it was back. Held over the long Thanksgiving weekend at the convention center in San Diego adjacent to the Gaslamp District, it always brings hundreds of thousands of attendees and families. During a typical year, the conference is in July and is attended by over 120,000 people per day over 4 days, with hundreds of thousands more milling about outside the convention center. This gigantic gathering showcases the artistry and creative work of not only the entire TV, movie, gaming, fantasy, and comic book industries, but many attendees are also dressed in costume. Its comparable to a 24/7 Mardi Gras for nerds. This Special Edition year they allowed only 60,000 vaccinated attendees, which made for a much less crowded experience.

Why am I mentioning a Comic Con on a miniatures website, you ask? Because it is one of the best excuses I have to visit one my favorite miniatures stores: Ms. Peggie’s Place in San Diego. Ms. Peggie’s Place is a tiny little shop packed full with an impressive selection of miniatures from many hard-to-find artisans. There is just so much to see! I love finding real treasures at this shop, and have left with several pieces that have found their way into many of my projects.

This trip, I picked up an intricately carved and painted table, a bunch of miniature tools, a coach lamp sconce, and a pair of Scott’s Lighting sconces. I am always on the lookout for miniatures, I keep a little notebook (or a list in my phone) of specific things I would like to find for projects, and prefer not to buy random pieces. If I do not have a specific project in mind for something I am looking at, in order for me to buy it, it must be very special. I already have a bin of unclaimed pieces; I prefer to focus on the projects I already have in the works.

The table and the two Scott’s Lighting sconces are going to be added to the bin of unclaimed pieces. Lighting really is the hardest for me to find, and Scott Hughes makes the some of very best lighting in the miniatures community. Any time I spot his work at a show or in a shop, I snap it up. These two brass sconces are so perfect, as is all his work. These will find their way into a project someday, for sure. The table also caught my eye because of how distinctive it is. The carving and painting really make it unique. I always pause for a piece like this, it is not mass-produced, not typical, and very timeless.

The tools will be added to my Dad’s Workshop project. Each tool reminds me specifically of something I might have seen or used in my dad’s garage. He was very handy, could make or fix anything; traits I he passed on to me. These will be scattered around the tables, the workbench, and on the shelves of the project.

The final item, the black coach lamp will be used on my Enoteca Toscana miniature wine bar by the front door. I needed a lamp that was not very deep, the whole miniature room fits inside a picture frame with a glass front. I needed something that would not touch the glass, and this piece looks to fit the bill. I have other lighting to install in the inside the shop, so I will wire everything up once I restart that project.

Attending Comic Cons has always been an additional passion of mine. I love costumes and cosplay, and have made my fair share of costumes. Miniatures, however, is my true passion, and combining the two into a long weekend vacation is perfect. If you are ever in San Diego, I urge you to find Ms. Peggie’s Place, and say hi for me. See you next summer!

All pics from SDCC – Special Edition:

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