Miniature Works In-Progress by Lynette Davis

Welcome to my small corner of the miniature world. This site houses my miniature works, all of which are in some form of completion. I have built this site to contain images and stories of the process of creating miniature structures, which I tend to enjoy almost more than that the completed work. Each of these projects will be finished, photos updated, and then new projects will be added. I should have started this site years ago, but there is no better time than today to start sharing!



Fresnel Lens Models
Pacific Lighthouse

Update to Lighthouse Lens

I have just recently acquired the 2nd and 3rd Order Fresnel Lenses from Harbour Lights. The 3rd Order was the first I received, and it

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3 Angels

Christmas Angels 2021

No, not exactly miniatures, but still a fun set of projects. First off, the Angels. Growing up, we had a very traditional Christmas tree that

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